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The Corps of Discovery was the name of the specially-established unit of the United States Army that formed the nucleus of the Lewis and Clark Expedition that took place between May 1804 and September 1806.  The 2023 Corps of Discovery Tour covers the same region in the Pacific Northwest and builds on the success of the "All British Road Meet" of 2020 and the Corps of Discovery Tours of 2021 and 2022.
This is a driving event.  It's all about the pleasures of driving a car you like to drive, on great roads, with great scenery, in the company of kindred spirits.  The 2023 format consists of four days and three nights, and you are also welcome to join us for only a portion of the trek.

You may participate in any car of any vintage from any country (notwithstanding the website name of all-british). We encourage vintage cars as the daily distances are not especially long, but drive what you like. 
This event is different in several good ways:

There are no fees.  You make your own lodging reservations (info below) and pay for your own food, beverage and gas.  You pay me nothing.  

There is no registration.  Just make your own lodging reservations and show up at the start point in Camas, Washington at 10 a.m. Friday, October 6 (start point described below).  You'll likely see cars you haven't seen before, and meet drivers you haven't met before. 

For those who don't like a lot of "structure" in their auto hobby events, your prayers have been answered.  You can literally wake up the morning of the event and decide to participate (as long as you can still get lodging reservations).

Here's an overview of how it is planned to go:

ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, we'll meet at 10 a.m. at Smitty's Family Restaurant in Camas, Washington (1816 NE 3rd Avenue, Camas 98607; the restaurant was recently closed, permanently, but we'll still plan to meet in their parking lot).  We'll make a few announcements and provide some useful information, and leave shortly afterwards bound for Biggs Junction, the scenic way. As always on the Corps of Discovery Tour you can drive on your own or fly in formation with other cars.


For our overnight stop in Biggs Junction you can make reservations at whatever accommodations you prefer, but I'm staying at Dinty's Motor Inn (make your reservation in Biggs Junction for the night of Friday, October 6, 2023, and note that you may have better luck getting a room by contacting the motels directly as opposed to trying to make a reservation online).  There are options - but only a couple - for lodging in Biggs Junction, and a web search will reveal all.


Dinner is planned at Bob's Texas T-Bone Restaurant in nearby Rufus.  You're under no obligation to dine at Bob's, but you're missing a treat if you don't.















ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER  7, we arise to return to Bob's for breakfast (you're under no obligation, but you're missing as treat if you don't...)

After breakfast we converge on the Maryhill Museum across the mighty Columbia River for the most excellent "Concours de Maryhill" car show.  You can enter your car or just attend as a spectator, but be advised that a car show entry gets you admission for two to the museum, so why not enter your car?  


When the car show wraps up in midday we'll depart for our second day destination, Dayton, Washington.  I'm staying at the Weinhard Hotel.  As always on these tours, you're free to stay wherever you like, but check out the Weinhard and you'll likely want to experience it.





















ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, we arise and find breakfast, but Dayton is a reasonably big small town and there must be at least a couple of good options.  We then depart Dayton for Condon and the historic Hotel Condon.  Our route is, as usual, via seldom-used byways, and especially so on this day.

We'll stay Sunday night at the historic Hotel Condon (there is also a "Condon Motel" at less money, but I've never stayed there and can't vouch for it).


Dinner in Condon is TBFO (To Be Figured Out) as options there are few.  The Elks Lodge in Condon was very accommodating for dinner on one previous visit, so that may be a good option.  It's only half a block from the hotel.



MONDAY, OCTOBER 9, is Head Home Day.  Via the most direct route it's about 152 miles to Portland, but there are more-entertaining routes available.  Conversation the previous evening will reveal all.

This event is about driving - great roads, great cars, great people and great fun.  Not to mention the great scenery. There are no catered banquets.  No liveried staff circulating with trays of hors d'oeuvres.  No demi-celebrities to rub elbows with.  No guest speakers.  No trophies for in-crowd favorites.


This event is about driving.  Throw in some interesting lodging, good food and beverages and great company, and it's, well, the Corps of Discovery Tour, 2023 Edition.


Adventure awaits.


Are you in?  Then please do not delay making your lodging reservations because a couple of these hotels are quite small and/or busy and will likely fill early.


We'll see you at the kick-off breakfast in Camas on Friday, October 6 at 9 a.m.

While there is no registration for this event, I do request that you email me to let me know you're coming.  This info will be useful as we scout out restaurant options and could use an idea of the potential head count, and it could also be useful if the unexpected should occur and we want to contact you about it.  Forest fires, hotels going out of business, and road closures come to mind as possibilities.

In summary:

No fee for this event.  You make your own lodging reservations directly with the suggested lodging or other lodging of your choice.

There are no rooms reserved or blocked for us.  Please don't delay making your reservations.

You can drive any car of any vintage, although vintage cars are encouraged, but drive what you like.

All questions gladly answered, with the answers guaranteed to change your life, possibly for the better.   Reid Trummel, Expedition Scout

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