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Q:  If I'm not among the first 100 to register, can I come anyway?


A:  Sure!  There is plenty of nearby parking, and we encourage you to bring your British car even if you're not in the first 100.  The event is open to the public at no charge.


Q:  What about food and beverages?


A:  We're all in favor.  The double-decker bus on site is a food cart where you can buy coffee (many kinds) and pastries, sandwiches, sliders, beef hot dogs, chips and soft drinks.  If you want a full breakfast, get it before you arrive.  We like nearby Christine's Restaurant.  They open at 7 a.m.

Q:  Speaking of arrival, when should I show up?

A:  Please arrive between 8 and 10 a.m.  Before 8 we'll still be getting set up, and we would like all cars in position by 10 a.m.  We'll have guides on hand to direct you to parking. 


Q:  Can I bring my own food and beverages?


A.  Yep.  Just no alcohol.


Q:  How about pets?



Q:  Should I bring folding chairs?


A:  Probably.  It never hurts to have a place to take a load off.

Q:  You mentioned that British marque car clubs may set up tents at no charge.  Tell me more.

A:  Any non-commercial British marque car club is welcome to set up a table, canopy, kiosk, etc. for the benefit of their members and/or as a place to invite others to join.  Strictly no businesses outside of our cherished sponsors.

Q:  Will the cars be parked by marque?


A:  No, they'll be parked in their order of arrival.  Therefore if you want to be parked next to your friend's British car, please arrive together.  


Q:  Should I bring the kids/grandkids/nieces and nephews?  How about my brother-in law?


A:  Definitely bring the younger set as there is much to interest them beyond just the cars: the Pearson Field Museum and the Fort Vancouver historic reconstructed fort to name just two.  Bringing your brother-in-law is a tough call.  We'd rather not commit.


Q:  What's the scoop on trophies?

A:  They're nice!  There will be the traditional Best of Show, plus a "Spirit of British Motoring" trophy, "Founder's Choice," and a couple more that we're still defining.  All except Founder's Choice will be awarded based on voting, and everyone who attends may vote, not just the owners of the cars in the show.  These are nice trophies - not dog food dishes - that the winners will be proud to display.

Q:  What else is there to do?


A:  Glad you asked!  You'll be on Pearson Field, the oldest continuously operated airfield in America, and you can visit the Pearson Air Museum next to the car show area, and there's also a real treasure of Pacific Northwest history in the very nearby Fort Vancouver with its reconstructed fort, and you can see the wonderful old houses of Officers Row and the other original buildings from historic Vancouver Barracks.


Q:  How can I contact you?


A:  Email is best:

Q:  Any final words of wisdom?

A:  Keep Calm and Motor On.

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